Free community exercise programme

Community preventing falls through exercise classes

About the service

Free 20 week programme funded by Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin NHS.

These free classes are designed to improve your postural stability through a 20 week falls exercise programme. The aim is to improve muscular strength, flexibility, coordination and balance which will help improve your mobility, reduce the risk of falling and maintain independence.

You could join a session if...
- You have a history of falls, are at risk of falling or have a fear of falling
- Are registered with a Telford and Wrekin GP
- Are aged 65 or over
- Are able to follow instruction
- Are able to participate in either seated or standing exercise

You must register your interest to join a class before attending.

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About the service

Regisrer your interest

Please use the from below to register your interest or callĀ 01952 908738

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The community class timetable

Below is the classes as part of the community preventing falls through exercise programme. Our timetable changes regularly so please check back to see changes to the timetable.


Start: 10.00am
Finish: 11.00am

Haybridge Hall

Location: Haybridge Hall, Hadley, TF1 6JG
Start: 11.00am
Finish: 12.00pm

Hallcroft Close

Location: Hallcroft Close, Newport, TF10 7PG
Start: 01.00pm
Finish: 02.00pm

Walton Court

Location: Walton Court, Oakengates, TF2 6TL


Start: 09.30am
Finish: 10.30am

Turnpike Court

Location: Turnpike Court, St Georges, TF2 7AN
Start: 10.00am
Finish: 11.00am

Hazel Way

Location: Hazel Way, Oakengates, TF2 9HH
Finish: 12.15pm

Chockleys Drive

Location: Chockleys Drive, Leegomery, TF1 6TP
Start: 11.45am
Finish: 12.45pm

High Mount

Location: High Mount, Donnington, TF2 7NL
Start: 12.15pm
Finish: 01.15pm


Location: Meadcroft, Madeley, TF7 5EX
Start: 01.00pm
Finish: 02.00pm

Rose Manor

Location: Rose Manor, Ketley, TF1 5BF
Start: 01.30pm
Finish: 02.30pm

Morton Court

Location: Morton Court, Dawley, TF4 2NP
Start: 02.30pm
Finish: 03.30pm

Oliver Court

Location: Oliver Court, Wellington, TF1 3BU
Start: 03.30pm
Finish: 04.30pm

Oakwood Extra Care

Location: Oakwood Extra Care, Wellington, TF6 5DU


Start: 02.30pm
Finish: 03.30pm

George Chetwood Court

Location: George Chetwood Court, Dawley, TF4 2QS
Start: 03.45pm
Finish: 04.45pm

Sandino Court

Location: Sandino Court, Stirchley, TF3 1FF


Start: 09.00am
Finish: 10.00am

Frizes Leasowe

Location: Frizes Leasowe, Ketley Bank, TF2 0EY
Start: 10.00am
Finish: 11.00am

Newfield Court

Location: Newfield Court, Trench, TF2 6RY
Start: 10.00am
Finish: 11.00am

Heywood Lonsdale

Location: Heywood Lonsdale, Wellington, TF1 1SL
Start: 10.30am
Finish: 11.30am

Hall Barn

Location: Hall Barn, Madeley, TF7 5SG
Start: 11.30am
Finish: 12.30pm

Stallard Court

Location: Stallard Court, Oakengtes, TF2 6DR
Start: 01.30pm
Finish: 12.30pm

Bridle Court

Location: Bridle Court, Madeley, TF7 5SG
Start: 03.00pm
Finish: 04.00pm

Lawley Bank Court

Location: Lawley Bank Court, Lawley, TF4 2PP


Start: 10.00am
Finish: 11.00am

Apley Court

Location: Apley Court, Wellington, TF1 3LL
Start: 11.45am
Finish: 12.45pm

Cornmell Lea

Location: Cornmell Lea, Newport, TF10 7NJ
Start: 01.00pm
Finish: 02.00pm

Lowe Court

Location: Lowe Court, Wellington, TF1 1LZ
Start: 01.15pm
Finish: 12.15pm

Adams Close

Location: Adams Close, Newport, TF10 7QL
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